“Focus on mistakes, too.”

Well, there I go again, making the same mistake twice.

There really is no excuse for repeating ones mistakes, other than for the masochists among us.

So why do we do it?  Because we don’t give proper attention to our mistakes.  We like to think we are pretty put together, so when a mistake happens, well, we minimalize it, so as not to fly in the face of our own amazing opinion of ourselves.

However, in doing this, not only are we drop dead wrong, but we are doomed to repeat the same old mistake.  Again and again, until we start paying attention.

So the only real way out of the predicament is to see ourselves as a person in constant growth, celebrate our mistakes as battle wounds for living bravely, then focus on our mistakes, and ask ourselves what we need to remember NOT to do again.

Perhaps this focus will allow us to in fact, make bigger and better mistakes further on down the line, instead of the same old stupid mistake that keeps us from progressing.


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