“Life is good.”

I have this things where I let my kids stay up as late as they want one night on the weekend every once in a while when nothing important is happening the next day.

This past weekend, was one of those times.

While in the past, there has been no real negative consequence of “no bedtime night”, this past weekend, well, one of my sons had a last minute sleep-over the next night, and pretty much ended up with “no bedtime weekend.”

Long story short, my son was tired and irritable, and since one of the best ways to calm a child is to remain calm (plus I really don’t like to lose my mojo), I was doing my best to keep things under control.

So there we are, in the car and I say, “Son, I just want you to know that you are really annoying me, with your bad attitude.”

To which he responds, “No Dad, you are annoying yourself.”

And I knew he was absolutely correct.

Life is good.

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