“Invest in nice thank you notes – and send them.”

I received a thank you note a few days ago from someone I helped recently that in all honesty was one of the nicest notes that I have received from someone in some time.  It was inspiring, and made me really appreciate the person who sent the note.

So I went online and bought some nice stationary, and wrote a few notes to some friends who have been helping me recently, and sent them thank you notes too.   I have to imagine that they really appreciated receiving them from me as well – and it made them feel like we were closer friends, which is always a good investment.

I guess the main point here is that taking some time out to say thank you to people is good for you – it makes you appreciative, which is a good attribute – and is good for your relationships, so go buy some nice cards and add it as a monthly to do item to send out one or two cards to thank those people who help you in life!


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