“Step back so you can appreciate what you already have.”

We are so busy with the rat race of life, and keeping up with our responsibilities that we often lose sight of the fact of all that we accomplish in life, and just take it for granted.

For example, if you have been able to save up enough money to buy a house, are you thinking about your next house, or are you appreciating the one you have?  If you finally took the plunge and bought a nice car are you now dreaming about the next one you are going to get, or appreciating the one you have now.   Typically, I am always thinking about the next one.

So why is it so hard to just sit back and appreciate what we have?  Why are we so driven to keep moving forward?  Is it just some type of evolutionary force that propels survival?  Perhaps.   Or perhaps because we aren’t focused enough on the moment, and are always focused on the fact that our glass is half empty, instead of realizing that our glass is overflowing, and we just need to take a moment and look at what we have to see it for what it is – amazingly abundant.

So starting today, schedule a time each month to appreciate all that you have in your life.  You will probably find yourself much happier, more engaged with the present, and probably will find that you don’t need as many “things” as you thought you did before.

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