“Just because they’re an expert doesn’t mean they know what is best for YOU.”

Ah, experts.

Put a degree on your wall, and let me bow down in homage to you.

Here is the problem.  When we go to experts, we stop thinking for ourselves.  I call it the trusted adviser problem.

We delegate important decisions to people outside of ourselves, when in truth, we remain the best person to make the final decision.

For example, you go to the doctor and they tell you you have a disease and need surgery.  Do you listen to the expert and follow them, or do you go for a second or even third opinion, then figure out your own course of action.

You go to a lawyer for advice, and they give you some convoluted plan.  Do you just run with it, or do you make them explain it in layman’s terms, or perhaps even get a second opinion?  Do you push back on the “expert” or just let them run up billable hours?  Exactly.

So the main point is to remember, that when you go to an “expert” look at them as an adviser, and hopefully, one of many to help you make the best decision possible.  However, NEVER outsource the entire decision to them.  You have more information that anyone else and can best decide the most appropriate course of action for YOU.

P.S.  My dad always advised me to review the work of experts since you’ll always find mistakes in their work.  I’ve found that he’s typically right.

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