“View yourself in your entirety.”

When you look in the mirror, you see a handsome person (or someone that needs to brush their hair), but typically don’t see someone smart.

When you find why your bank statement was off by three cents you see yourself as smart, but probably not all that kind.

When you walk an old lady (or man) across the street you view yourself as kind, but probably don’t think about how good you looked in your new suit.

It’s funny but for some reason, we don’t view ourselves in our entirety.

The problem with this is that when it comes to self-esteem we end up comparing aspects of ourselves with other people, and often as we all know, we come up short.  However, as you also, know, judging yourself on one aspect of yourself, isn’t a fair perspective of who you are.  You are a whole person, with positives and negatives, and overall a good person and you know it – you might just wish everyone else did too.

So let me introduce you to the “whole person concept” which says you have to view yourself as a whole person when you compare yourself to someone else.  Of course, since you know that you don’t really know anyone else, it’s impossible to compare yourself to anyone, since each of us are unique individuals with different strengths and weaknesses all working together to further civilization.

If you can grasp this concept, you can in fact change your self esteem with one sweep of your hand.  It’s that easy.  Just view yourself in your entirety at all times and you will never again see yourself as any less than anyone else in the world!

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