“Shop smart.”

I used to think I was a smart shopper, until I realized I was wrong.

The used furniture and decor market is so amazing, there really is no excuse to buy new furniture unless you are so full of cash you can’t figure out how to spend it all.  (In which case, I have a blog for sale.  Let’s talk.)

Check out estate sales, where you can buy matched rooms at a steal.  Practice negotiating, which is such a great skill on so many levels, and spend some time in consignment stores and thrift shops.   Keep in mind that you might want to go to those parts of town where the rich folk live, so if that’s not where you are, go for a drive.

The quality you will buy at all of these places is better than you’ll get in a normal store and you will typically pay 10-20% of its original value – if that.  It is simply the only way to shop for furniture and decorations in my mind.  Save your money for other things – learn to shop smart.

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