“Learn from other’s experience.”

We have discussed many times how there is very little unique about the impact of life from one human to the next.  Because of this fact, one of the most useful resources that we have at our disposal are books written by those who have walked the same path before us.

But which book should we buy?  That’s where Amazon comes in so very helpful.

Way back when I was young, if you wanted a book, you went to the library or bookstore, and bought a book, not really knowing how useful it was until you got into things.  However, in our newfangled electronic world, not only can you pretty much find every single book on a given topic in one place, but by reading the comments, you can pretty much figure out what the top one or two books on any given subject are.

Add to this fact, that the best books are often big sellers, and the used book prices end up being very low, so you can buy the best two or three books, and for under $20 educate yourself on pretty much anything in life.

In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful tools available to anyone who wants to avoid as many mistakes as possible as they make their way through life.


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