“Learn how things work before you start.”

Things don’t just happen.  There is a process and if you can get in tune with the process, before you begin, you can save yourself valuable time and headaches.

You would think this is obvious, but for many of us, it seems that we ignore it and jump right in.  Then we fail, and give up saying “we tried our best” when really we just tried wrong.

The reason why we act this way is that there is no point that we are more motivated to act than at the beginning.  In fact, as you know, typically, change doesn’t happen until the pain in not changing is greater than the pain in staying the same.  So at that point when you are looking to “do something” typically you are rather motivated, and want to jump right in and “get ‘er done.”

This lesson is true in so many ways.  How many painful divorces could have been saved, if the couples read books on why people divorced before they got married and self selected out?  How much angst could have been saved if you called the DMV to learn how to set up a new title before you went in and had to go back and forth four times?  How much money could have been saved if you had simply read the fine print carefully BEFORE you signed the contract?

You get the idea.  The lesson is simple to remember, but hard to implement.  So start taking a little to learn how things work before you start and see how much smoother your life goes!


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