“Life is a balancing act.”

This is a tough post, but bears taking a shot at.

Let’s start with relationships.  The goal in relationships is to become intimately related, but not become so attached that you become lost in the relationship.

Or perhaps we should look at fears.  Don’t be so fearful that you don’t take risks, but make sure that you have enough fear not to do something stupid.

Or perhaps we should think about working.  Work to earn enough money to live, but don’t work so much that it becomes what you are living for.

You get the idea.  We are constantly walking along a tightrope.  And one misstep can push us off in either direction, either of which is the wrong place for us to be.

The problem is that typically in the cases mentioned above maintaining the middle requires constant vigilance – and constant work – and many of us would rather stop the work, and just go to one side or the other.  However, if we do that, we fall off the tightrope, and hurt ourselves even more than if we would have focused and stay in the middle.

So realize that life, is about staying balanced, and in doing so, you will find continued happiness.

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