“Take responsibility for yourself.”

You can’t be fully engaged in this world, until you learn to take responsibility for yourself.

Of course, innately we do not want to take responsibility for ourselves, since that means we have no one to blame for our unhappiness.

But guess what.  We don’t.  And if you have been doing it for years, where has it gotten you.  Nowhere.

Pushing off responsibility is a defense mechanism.  It allows us to say, “I’m not at fault, when something goes wrong, I’m still perfect.” and walk away with our self esteem intact.

However, it’s a lie.  And intuitively we know it.  And it hurts because when we live with lies such as these, we know we are trapped, and the emotional energy it takes to keep our lives working on a day to day basis in its trapped form it much to hard to manage.

So step number one if you haven’t already done so is to admit that you are responsible for yourself, and that you have NO ONE to rely on but yourself.  You have no one to bail you out.  You have no one.  Except you.

Now, that is not to say, you can’t use your personality, skills, or even money, to cultivate friends and family that care for you, and that will be there for you.  But if they aren’t, well then, that’s your fault for not doing a very good job isn’t it.  Don’t go blaming anyone else.

If something in the world happens that you didn’t prepare for, well, you should have done a better job preparing.   If someone you know does something to you that you don’t like, you should have done a better job at choosing friends, shouldn’t you?

So ultimately, if you think about it, we really are responsible for everything that happens to us, and to believe anything else is not true.  And as we know, living with truth is the key to happiness.  So take responsibility for yourself, and see how it impacts your life for the better.

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