“Learn to eavesdrop on your inner voices.”

We all talk to ourselves, some are just better about not talking about it out loud than others.

Do you pay attention to what your inner voices are saying?

There is a constant conversation going on inside your head.  It tells you what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do.  It puts you down, and it tries to pick you up, but typically, it just puts you down.

Tangent… Want to quiet the voice?  Buy a beer.  Seriously.  That’s why alcohol is so popular.  It’s the shortcut to the hard work which really needs to get done and we’ll talk about next.  It’s a bad shortcut, though, for reasons we won’t go into now.

Take some time and learn about the inner conversations that are going on inside your head.  I found my conversations typically take the path of emotion vs. intellect or child vs. adult and that by listening in on the conversation, and the assumptions I am making, I am better able to figure out the inner workings of my psyche.

One interesting thing to keep in mind is that this inner conversation provides constant reinforcement of your fears and beliefs, which is why it is so hard to change anything.  So by getting in touch, and then in control of your inner voice, you can then really get in control of yourself.  And that’s the whole goal of this exercise, isn’t it?

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