“Life is too short for negativity.”

Life is an amazing journey, which we only get to travel once.  What we do with our life is totally up to us, and the person who has the most to gain from a great life, is us.

We have a choice about how to live our life, full of positive energy or full of negative energy.

Positive energy propels us forward, makes us happy, and makes people want to be around us – especially positive people.

Negative energy bogs us down, depresses us, and brings people into our circle who like being negative.

So one of the goals we need to focus on is the banishment of negativity in our life.

Interestingly, studies have shown the physical act of laughing can improve peoples health, and in a similar way, I have little doubt that negativity can do the same thing.

So for the sake of both your mental, and perhaps physical self, banish negativity from your life, and enjoy the outcome!

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