“Live Bravely.”

If there is one particular skill that we need to learn as humans, I would argue that the most important to acquire, if happiness is our goal, is courage.

It is interesting, but you can find all types of books on taking risks, conquering fear, and self-confidence, but the key to all of these things is courage, or bravery and it is not mentioned, all that much.

The result is that you are focusing on taking risks, but not really knowing that the focus should be courageous living.  Of course, if you focus on taking risks, you’ll get there eventually, but if you lose the focus of the real main point, it is a lot harder to get to the end.

So, the point I would argue is that life takes courage.  I believe that the modern mantra needs to be “Bravely Life” and this is the message that we need to be constantly telling ourselves.  This way, when we face all of the risks that life bring our way, we can face them head-on, with the correct message of bravery, and move through them, instead of getting stuck knocking our head up against the wall, and getting nowhere.

So “Bravely Go Where No Man Has Gone Before,” and learn to bravely live your own life in this risky world we all walk upon.

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