“Find your universal untruth.”

Yesterday’s post argued for living bravely.  I wrote it about two months ago.  It was what I was struggling with at the time, and if I am honest, still struggle with two months later.

To make a rather long story short, I found a breathing therapist and decided to give it a whirl.  (If you are curious, check out holotrophic breathing, or rebirth.)  I’ve been twice, and the jury is still out on the value, but I did learn something in my one-on-one session with the councilor, that is relevant to yesterdays post.

She asked me what my universal untruth was.  She explained that all of us have an untruth that we tell ourselves, such as I am stupid, or whatever untruth we somehow picked up when we were younger.

Thinking about it, I figured out that my untruth is “I am weak.”  What was amazing to me, was here I was, figuring out how to be brave and strong, and couragously face risk, when what I really needed to do was exorcise the idea of “I am weak” from my system.

The reason that this is called a universal untruth is that is impacts us in many areas of our lives, with its untruth.  So instead of working on being more brave, what I really needed to do was convince myself that I wasn’t weak.  Once I realized this, the issue of bravery, was much less needed, since I was naturally more strong.

So what lies do you tell yourself, that you don’t realize that you are saying?  Figure out your universal untruth, and work you way up from there!


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