“The end… well, really just the beginning”

My birthday is coming up soon.

In the past, I have always felt bitter-sweet on my birthday. My friends were there wishing me “Happy Birthday!”, but in truth, their happiness was just a temporary distraction from the nagging realization that I was one year older, and one year closer to death.

However, that is not my attitude this year.  I accomplished so much on a personal level this past year, that all I can do is celebrate my accomplishments.  I fell hard, and I got back up.  And I learned a lot about myself and life in the process.

With that in mind, it is time to end this blog.  While I originally expected it to go for a full year, at this point, I feel it has run its course, and other projects send forth their siren’s call.  I am sorry for letting any of my 15 loyal readers down. 😉

Frankly, after 161 posts, I have run out of things to share, and don’t seem to be learning new insights at the rapid rate that I did those first few months when writing this blog provided a key outlet to help me stay sane.  Of course, I might have one things here or there still to share, but as the general theme of this blog is one of finding myself, relationships, and happiness, and that much has been shared, does anything else really matter?

So while I failed in my original goal of a post a day for a year, in truth, perhaps the original goal was slightly misled.  For what matters is life is quality and not quantity and so at this point as this chapter of my journey has ended, I think with it, this blog too.

Of course, every ending is a new beginning, and I look forward to learning the lessons that the next chapter brings, and perhaps even sharing them with you, if appropriate.

So fair thee well in your path through this world.  May life bring you so much happiness that you have no choice but to share it with others.

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