“Living on the edge.”

There is only one way to live a truly fulfilled life: fearlessly.

You see, while fear is useful, since it keeps us from failure, it also has many downsides.  The overall issue with fear is that in not trying, we end up restricted in our little world surrounded by routine from one sunrise until the next.

However, one that  is confidently to live fearlessly is able to live in different environments and able to visit those areas without risking losing themselves.  They are able to dangle their feet on the threshold of the world as my friend likes to say, and live their life in the unknown world as it is, instead of feigning some false sense of security through some illusion of control.

Having met a number of people lately, myself included, who have learned to live fearlessly, I can’t help to wonder if there is not something that we lose as we found our way from the safety of the stable world, to the instability of the wild west of the fearless world that we float though.

Yes, the risk to those who walk the line is that in living on the edge, one must ask themselves if they were thrust out to the end of the world by society, and really long to be settled, but are fearful of stability due to their personality which tends towards excitement, or if they are true adventurers, who are equally at home stable or in flux.

The ironic upshot is that we much balance our fear from both sides, so that we are comfortable exploring in the ether but equally comfortable finding a place of stability from where to venture out from.


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