“Not all nature is the same.”

On the heels of yesterdays post, when we talk of those influences that can be attributed to Nature, I think that most scientist would look and say that each attribute has a survival mechanism at its base.

However, having thought about life, I question if there is another type of nature beyond survival mechanisms.

Now, this is not something I can scientifically prove, however, it is a gut based on my own personal experiences with unified connection.    So in truth, as someone who is against belief based on the experiences of others, I might suggest that if you haven’t had a similar experience, that you skip this post.

The basic idea is that there is a deep desire to connect to others, based on the recognition of self in others.  This helps me understand why without my personal selection of another person in my life, I feel lonely – and more specifically I feel disconnected from the world.

You see, by selecting a person, I am recognizing the fact that I am connected to another, and only in doing so, finding natural fulfillment of self, which I continue to think is bigger than the individual, and is that which grounds us to the world as it exists in reality.  However, as you can see this is not a natural need based on survival.  (Though I will admit, I can see how others might argue with this, and say that only by personal selection are we maximizing security.   Or can I fully project my security.  I don’t think that argument is strong enough to explain why I need to choose, when I know I am not alone.)

So in truth, this is the only exception from the scientific perspective of nature, and I’ll have to see if this idea holds water as I continue to think about things.




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