“Are we all just quantumly entangled?”

Having been thinking about inter-connectivity at a base level, I really appreciated the following blog post that I bumped into by accident.

“I think that in life, it’s important to remember that everything is attracted to everything else.”

He quotes a TED video which demonstrates that when we jump, our own gravity, pulls the earth towards us, just as the earth’s gravity pull us towards the earth.  (Please note that I didn’t watch the video, but it makes sense.)

Similarly, we see in Quantum Physics, which I know nothing about, so I’m out on a limb a little, an idea called Quantum Entanglement.  My base understanding is that even over extreme distances particles can remain interconnected, even if there doesn’t appear to be any particular physical connection.

The upshot of this peripheral scientific evidence to me is that connection is part and parcel to who we are at a base level.

After all, all of the universe in modern science theory comes from the big bang, where all matter was dispersed from a singularity (again somewhat of a guess based on a little reading).  So it would make sense that all matter would be interconnected as well, which would play itself out in relationships.

It also explains the feeling of having been somewhere before, or connection to a particular place or person that is reported from time to time, in a more scientific manner.

So perhaps the post from yesterday, which claimed that interconnectivity is a belief of mine based on experiencee, really has a base in science.  However, since I’m not a scientist, I really have no idea.

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