“If you are bored with life, it’s because you are not living.”

Personally, I found that life became rather boring at some point in time.  Repetitive to be specific.  Nothing new ever seemed to happen.

In fact, it is only just now that I am realizing that the reason that nothing new ever seemed to happen was due to the fact that most likely nothing new ever WAS happening.

Now, if you know me and are reading this, you are saying to yourself, but Josh, you do new stuff all the time.   You did this, you did that.  But here is the secret, they might be new, but nothing was outside my areas of comfort.  Nothing involved any RISK so everything just felt familiar and safe.

In fact, I think I picked up on this about a year ago, but didn’t know I was doing anything about it.

1) I had the opportunity to take a stand up comedy class which involved doing a 3 minute routine with no notes in front of 200 people.   Now, there is nothing that makes me more nervous than making a fool of myself in front of 200 people, so of course, I had to say yes… and I did it.  And if you ask me, I did pretty good.

2) I followed that up with a improv class that involved touching absolute strangers a little too intimately if you ask me, but well, that was the class, and I did okay.  And I might take the next level class in the future.

3) Then just last week, I went to a park, and sang at the top of my lungs, with a cardboard box collecting money – just for the experience.  And it was an experience.  (By the way, I was there for a full hour, and not one person gave me a cent.)

So figure out what you are not willing to do because you are too scared to try – or too scared to take a chance, or a risk – and learn to live!

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