“Schedule a meeting to discuss yourself.”

In business, we have meetings all the time to discuss what needs to be done, but when was the last time that you had a meeting to discuss yourself?

The agenda for such a meeting is surprisingly simple.  You ask, what am I doing or not doing out of fear, that I should be doing?

From there, you plan your course of action, then bravely push beyond that fear, and move forward.

I have often had times in my life that I felt stuck.  What this really was, was an unwillingness on my part to bravely push forward – which always involved some risk, and therefore, fear.

So, establish a weekly meeting with yourself, to discuss those areas where you are stuck, and plan a way to change.

Otherwise, you will languish in dissatisfaction with yourself, and therefore, in life.

When is your next meeting with yourself?

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