“Smile.” :)

Smiles are contagious.  If you ever are down, try this experiment.  Go to the mall, and look at someone who is walking towards you and pretend that they are a long lost friend you haven’t seen for years, and give them a huge smile.  They’ll smile back sincerely, and you won’t be able to help changing your attitude to being a little happy.  Keep doing that and you’ll quickly find that your attitude changes.

I have also found that the happier you are when you smile, the more happiness that is returned from the other party.

When you smile at people you awaken in them the realization that life is good.  Sometimes they just weren’t thinking about it, other times they have forgotten that point, and very often until you smiled things were pretty rotten.  However, your smile has the power to bring out their happiness from wherever it was hiding and bring it to the front – and out into the universe.

So if you want to give someone a cheap gift (and get something back in return), just smile.

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