“Sometimes it is no ones fault.”

As you know, us humans have trouble taking responsibility for our actions, so we like to blame other parties.

However, sometimes it is important to realize that it is no ones fault, rather just two people with different views, which are materialized though action, on the world.   It reminds me of an old Jewish saying that “just like no two people look alike, so too their perspective are different from one another”. (Of course, this saying, like many probably can be found in other cultures under different mantras.)

A no fault life is hard to achieve, but it is an imperitive for happy living.  For if someone has to be at fault, then we have to be right.  And being right takes work.  Rather, if we can just be, not much work is needed at all.  I have an opinion, you have an opinion, and we can agree to disagree.  And not hold the other person in disdain.

Also, it is imperitive to non-close mindedness.   For if someone is at fault for having a different viewpoint, how can I ever really hear what they are saying?  And if I can’t hear what others say, how can I challenge my own beliefs and perspectives?

So learn the lesson that sometimes if you need to find fault, it is really best pin it on noone.


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