“Make yourself feel like a million dollars.”

I was going to title this post, “Make others feel like a million dollars.”, but then I realized that in truth, it’s not really about others, its about you.

I’ve haven’t been giving people enough credit lately – it’s not that I mean to, rather I’m not thinking.  For example, the hostess recommended one dish at lunch today, and then someone else recommended the same thing.  When I left, she asked what I ordered, and I said I bought the dish she recommended, since it was recommended by her and someone else.  Why couldn’t I have just said, “I bought it because you recommended it?” in my gregarious way?

The basic reason, is that as much as I want to appreciate what people give me, something inside me is rejecting making them “better” than me.  So while I start to give them words of appreciation, I sabotage those words, with something that recognizes what they did, but at the same time, let’s me not be too connected and indebted to them.

However, I’m really missing a great opportunity to make myself feel great.  If only, I gave them full credit, imagine how things would play out.

Keep in mind that one of the main things that people want is to have their existence recognized.  And how many times does that actually happen?  When was the last time your boss, recognized the job you do?  Your parents?  Your friends?  Yeah.

If I had gregariously given the hostess full credit, and made her feel like she made a difference in my life, and recognized the value she has added to my life, I would have made her feel great.  And making her feel great would have made me feel great, too.

However, by diminishing her value,  even thought my words were positive, I made her feel good, but marred it for myself with a negative internal tinge.

Well, my commitment to myself is to fully appreciate the value that others bring to my life, and in doing so, make them feel that they have impacted my world positively, make them feel good, and make myself feel like a million dollars.



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