“Stop checking your mail.”

Want to save an average of 15 minutes a day?  Stop checking your mail.

It’s easier than you think.  Much easier.

First, set up things so you can login online to see all of your financial statements.  (You already simplified down to no more than two brokerage accounts and one bank, right?)

Then sign up for an online bill paying service that accepts paper statements, like Paytrust (paytrust.com).  All of your bills go straight to them, and you pay them directly online.

Then pay everything that you can on your credit card (remembering that you are still budgeting to make sure you are paying down to 0 each month).

Since you have already set up your bills so that they are all due around the same time of the month, all you have to do is login once a month, and pay them all.  Then balance your checking accounts.  An hour of work a month, and all your bills are paid.

It’s that simple.  Really.

Oh yeah, once a month, remember to clean out all the junk mail for your mailbox, and around your birthday check if your Grandma sent you a birthday card – or did she go electronic too?

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