“The secret to sales is honesty.”

I am a salesman, but what makes me effective, is that I don’t sell.

I just can’t do it.  It feels manipulative, and dishonest.

I present options, and let my clients make up their mind.  If they want my opinion, I present it, and I can’t tell you then number of times I have given people suggestions that go against my own best interests.

When I was just starting out, someone told me that “business is relationships” and to a large degree it is correct.  As as we have discussed, relationships are based on honesty.  So the more honest one can be in a relationship, the better the relationship can be, and therefore the better the business can be.  It’s really that simple.

Of course, my relationships are multi-year.  In fact, I have clients I have worked with for over ten years now.  So I don’t know if this would hold true in a car dealership or electronic store.

Of course, that is probably, why I can’t stand going in there.

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