“Take a moment, just to be nice.”

There I was, at the DMV, sitting before the bullet proof glass at the worker behind the window.

It was a nice day, and I was in a good mood.  One of those world is my oyster perspective mornings, but realizing I was in a beurocractic environment, where the oyster may well be closed shut, with no tool in hand to open it with.

So I glided past the greeter, smiling and chitter chatting with the workers in the office, until my name was called and I approached State Worker #5 to help me get my ad velorem taxes settled.  Boisterous as I am, in a environment where no one knows me (that is when I am truly comfortable in my own skin – no self-doubt), I had a nice and apparently loud conversation with Mr. #5.

I say this because as I walked away, a lady stopped me, and said something to the effect of “Excuse me.  Do you mind if I ask what you do?  Because, if you don’t you should go into sales.  You would be really good at that.”

Well, I asked myself if being called a salesman is a good thing or not, and decided that most likely, she wouldn’t have stopped me to insult me, so I said thanks, asked after her and what she did, and went on my merry way.

After I left, I thought about it a little, and realized that the simple act of complementing me, really made my day, so I decided to pass it on.  Waiting in line at Lowe’s, I noticed a guys tattoos that were pretty nice, so I took a moment and said, “Nice tats” or something to that effect, and engaged him in tattoos, and how well the art was.  Who knows, perhaps he paid that forward too.  All because someone took the time to be present and put a positive spin on my actions.

So I pledge the following.  To try my best at least once a day, to simply compliment someone, friend, family, or complete stranger.  It feels good when I do it, and I know the other person appreciates it as well.  Don’t we all?


Having finsihed this post, I now realize that to some extent I started the circle when I was nice to the government employees that I interacted with.  Looking back, I said to myself, I bet people complain all day, and I’ll try to be “Nice guy Josh” and keep it positive.  So I guess to some extent, my own being nice, led to others being nice to me.  Which also adds to the overall value of this project.

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