“Take a vacation.”

I know too many people that don’t take time out for themselves.

They all have different excuses, but the net results is that they don’t.

Look friend, you only have a few years here on earth, and then you go wherever you believe you go next.  In the interim, isn’t it important to take a few minutes to check out the view from the road?  Well, how can you do that if you don’t stop along the way?

That’s where vacations come in.

Now there are two types of vacations.  The pack your bags, and not stop until you get home, and a few days before the vacation ends, you are ready to be home already.

Then there is the stop everything and sit by the pool reading a book for a week vacation.

Now if you know me, I’m a man of action.  There is nothing I hate doing more than nothing.  I wake up on the weekend ready to DO.

However, once a year, I take off 10 days, and do absolutely nothing.

Well, I lay out by the beach.  I go horseback riding.  I read books.  I sleep.  I stop worrying.   I go surfing.  I go hiking.  I go exploring.  I eat.  I go parasailing.  I drink.  I relax.

And when I am done, I am ready for more relaxing.  I don’t want to go home!

So how does it happen that someone who is can’t stop all year, can really get into a vacation of doing nothing?

Because I realize that stopping itself is action sometimes.  It takes a physical action for me to get into the mindset of nothingness.  And once I am there, I am hooked. Another upshot of this is that for those of you who are “lazy” and still read this post, is that it is just a mental shift to get into the habit of action.

So do yourself a favor and take a vacation.

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