“If you don’t open your oyster, you wasted your world.”

People often quote “the world is your oyster” to imply something to the effect of there is a whole big world out there, go forth and and seize the opportunities that make themselves available to you.  Just Google it.

However, I’ll argue a different meaning that with an oyster, you never know what you’ll find inside, perhaps a pearl, perhaps an oyster, perhaps nothing but sand.  However, you have to go out and open it to see what you’ll find.

Here is the original quote from Shakespeare:

Why then the world’s mine oyster/Which I with sword will open.

I think my perspective fits better.  Not that I read any of the rest of the play.

Anyway, there is a very important lesson here that we need to constantly remind ourselves.  We have opportunities that present themselves daily to us, and we have decision points that come along with these opportunities.  Since these opportunities are unknown (like a closed oyster), we need to take a risk about taking time, energy, and perhaps open yourself to insecurities to grab the opportunity (open the oyster) or move on (ignore the oyster).

So what will you do next time opportunity knocks?  Will you let it pass or will you welcome it like an old friend, and invite it inside to see what’s been going on and how you can be involved?

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