“The futility of comparison.”

A friend of mine wrote the following very wise words:

“Every one is so different. Every one perceives beauty in a different way. So you might be gorgeous to someone and down right unattractive to the next… I have come to realize that you will never find happiness comparing yourself to someone else because no one is the same.”

I thought a little bit about why for me comparison was so much a part of my life, compared to her, and came upon the conclusion that it came down to the fact that I was more sheltered than her.

The main point being that the bigger the world that you find yourself, in the more you come to realize how futile comparison really is.  And in my case, growing up in a rather sheltered (read: narrow) world resulted in plenty of comparing, but in her case, as she found herself in a much broader world, she came to this lesson much earlier than myself.

I’m actually not sold on my logic, since in truth, I think there are certainly other primary factors such as our parents comparing themselves to others, a natural mimicking nature, that are probably more impactful, but I do think that this serves as a factor worth considering.  In truth, I could have just posted her quote, but I wanted to wrap it with some additional thoughts.  So I did.

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