“Time to stop thinking.”

I woke up this morning with a new realization.  It is time to stop thinking and start doing.

As I turned to my journal to take it with me for the day, I said to myself, “Enough, Josh.  You don’t need to think any more.”

You see, thinking was to some extent my way of making sure that I didn’t make a mistake by missing something big.  It serves as an anxiety distancing tool.  And a pretty effective one at that.

However, at this point, I think it has outgrown its place, and it is time to rein things in.

So, I’m taking a thinking break.

I’ll just be living and loving, and focusing on being in the moment, and not thinking about the whats or the whys or the hows.

If I am honest, I’m not sure exactly why I am doing this, but I can’t really think about that, now can I?

Until later, friends


OK, it’s later.  About a week later actually.  And I have this great idea.  And I really want to post it.  But I’m not sure, since I told myself I was ending things a week ago.  What should I do?

Well, of course, I’ll post it.  Tomorrow.

Of course, the lesson above certainly stands.  Sometimes, it is time to stop thinking and start doing.  (Side note, those people  you know who seem very talented, social, and smart, but never can get anything done, really need to learn this lesson.)

However, sometimes that times passes and it is time to go back to ones old ways, perhaps in a slightly different mode.  For me, that includes less journaling and more living in the moment.   Finding a good middle ground. After all, much of my thinking is natural and enjoyable and the remaining 20% is just a byproduct of not having easy access to TV.  What else am I supposed to do when I am alone at night, besides read?  And think.

So the blog, isn’t over, but it certainly isn’t going to be a focus either.  If you want to sign up for email updates, there is an option to do that in the upper right hand corner of the page.  That way, when I do put something out, which going forward will be sporadic, you won’t miss it.

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