“Uprooting core issues in business.”

Putting a brief business twist on the blog from Friday, often times things in a business environment just don’t seem to work.  Fingers point across the desk from one employee to the next.  Fix one thing, and the issue spouts out somewhere else.  The work environment is broken.

I have seen this replay itself time and time again, both in the corporate and non-profit world.

Sometimes the core issue is a process.

Luckily processes are easy to troubleshoot, since you can see them, and put metrics in place to find their issues.  Think Six Sigma or some other QA process.

However, more often than not, the issue is a central person, who pretty much is incompetent, but sits at a crosspoint in the organization.  As a business consultant, the question is who, since you don’t want to willy nilly uproot (fire) employees.

Ultimately, however, by honing in on the incompetency, often someone rises to the top, and changes can be made to the organization to improve the situation.



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