“What do you signal?”

As much as I dislike first dates, I do love watching myself and the person across the table send signals.

It’s really fun to watch those things that we want the other person to realize – and make it blatently obvious.  Of course, that is happening on the other side as well.

The most amazing thing to me is that we don’t even know we are signaling unless we pay attention to it.  However, once you are watching for it, it is impossible not to note.

From a self-improvement perspective, this is great, because signals often show those things that you aren’t comfortable about yourself with.  And discomfort with self, is a bad thing. TM.  So by focusing on those things where you signal, you can take them aside and bring them into the wholeness of yourself.

Of course, by paying attention to the signals of the person across the table, you can also get great insights into that person.  As is well known, people tell us exactly who they are, if we choose to listen.  It’s part of the definsive process of an honest person (i.e. this only applies to an honest person), whereby we try to allow someone to love us for who we are, and in doing so, tell them who we are, often through signaling.

So signaling is powerful.  And control of this power is available to those who take the time to understand its source.

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