“What is the question?”

Well here is my predicament after yesterday’s post.

What is the difference between a locale or the world.  Meaning, that while I bemoaned the unrealness of the Bahamas, isn’t our world just as unfair and therefore just as unreal.

The only difference is that in America, I don’t bump into desperate people very often.

But they are there.  I just don’t frequent those areas.

In fact, it could be argued, that I don’t frequent those areas because they are there.  (Note that this last statement is meant as a societal perspective, not personal. I hope you understand.)

So what am I doing about it.  Not much, if I am honest.  I’m lazy, caught up in my own life, and don’t really care much more beyond paying lip service, or making myself feel self righteous about things, apparently.

Or perhaps, I don’t quite know what to do.  Or I have tried small things, but nothing seems to work.  Or no one else really seems to care so I feel that the task is to great.  Or I get a sense that my efforts are doomed to failure.

Or perhaps all of the above.

My gut is that I don’t quite know what to do stops my action.  This is because, often the answer is found in the question as “they” say, and I just can’t figure out what the question is.

On a deeper level, this is a good model for my life overall.

While it looks like I am trying to find answers, really I am trying to understand the nature of the question.  So by answering the questions, I am better able to reverse engineer The Question, since other questions and answers have been acknowledged and carefully tucked away.

Of course, perhaps this work in andWhat  of itself is my gift that I can offer the world, and will lead to profound change.  Probably not, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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