Who am I writing for?

The internet is funny, in that someone somewhere could be posting the most interesting and ground breaking thoughts, but if no one knows to look for them, they would never be seen.

I think about this a lot when I write a blog post. Chances are it will never be seen by more than a few people, and the impact on the world no more than a fair breeze.

There was a time when I wrote for my kids. When I wasn’t really sure how they would turn out or what guidance they best needed, and wanted to give them a little guidebook for life. But as they have grown, I now see that they are each a world unto themselves, and have likely heard more from me than they really needed to set them on their individual paths.

There was also a time when I wrote to be seen, which was ironic since I didn’t really do much in terms of publicity, and no one noticed my thoughts, really. But I felt seen, so it served it core purpose.

I think both of these reasons remain today, but more and more it seems that the motivator is now just to be expressive. Expression simply for the sake of expression.

For isn’t that what life ultimately does? Look at things from a macro level and arrive at the nihilistic view, and all you’ll be left with, is the powerful expression from the world that it exists.

Perhaps this expression of the world is reflective in my own desires. For that is what the creative process allows for; being a link in the chain of the daily dance from time immemorial. To bring into the world something that didn’t exist before. To express. To be truly alive.