“Don’t let the world tell you who to be.”

It’s funny, but the world tends to think that they know better than us who we should really be.  What role we should play.  What is right.  What is wrong.  What is fun.  What is boring.  What is cool.  What is blasé.  You get the idea.

The problem is that we tend to believe the world, and ignore ourselves.

Why is that exactly?

Because, it is very hard as an individual to stand up to the world.  The basic reason is that we tend to think that the world is right and we are wrong.  However, in truth, often times, we need to keep what the world says and take it seriously, but really listen to ourselves, because we know what is best for US.

The upshot is that we need to be willing to look at ourselves, in our raw form, and say, that’s who I am, and accept that as who you are.  This isn’t to say you can’t strive to be a better person, if YOU believe that it is the right thing to do, but the key operative is that this is your belief, and not the worlds.

Only once we accept ourselves in the face of what the world say we are, can we find the freedom to be ourselves – and for that matter to get our needs met in interactions with the world.  So be the authentic you and learn to not accept the messages of the world at large about who you should be or how you should act – unless they jive with your own personal beliefs.

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